Our Brands

Prada L-logo2

Prada are sophisticated craftsmanship, extremely modern vision of high fashion, technological design and research for creative details. Prada segmentation is fashionable and timeless. Prada has over the decades catapulted into the fashion world, marked as the designer to watch.

Ted Baker L-logo
Ted Baker-min

One of the most popular UK designer brands is Ted Baker, offering a quirky, original collection of eyewear that is undoubtedly the epitome of style and fun. Established in 1988, Ted Baker collection reflects the brand's distinctive and unconventional approach to fashion.

Cocoa Mint L-logo (1)
Cocoa Mint-min

Cocoa Mint is utterly desirable with a choice of stunning designs that are beautifully balanced and pure in style. Cocoa Mint cleverly bridges the gap between the young trendsetter and fashionable progressive lens wearer.

Rayban L-logo3

The Ray-Ban brand has continued to evolve and develop over the past 75 years to sit proudly amongst the worlds most iconic brands. A classic luxury brand that's not only at the fore front of technology but never forgets its roots. First produced in 1937 the Aviator frame changed the face of society forever. History has shown that since the glasses first appeared, the Ray-Ban brand has set the trends that others have followed.

Etnia Barcelona L-logo
Etnia Barcelona-min (1)

Etnia Barcelona an independent brand of eyewear who has created a wide range of colors, collections and designs for everyone who wants to express him- or herself beyond the cannons imposed by momentary and passing fashion and trends.

Oakley L-logo

Oakley was started by Jim Jannard in 1975, the name comes from Jannard's dog. Today Oakley eyewear is well recognized by many celebrities and athletes. The eyewear has been used in major sporting events like the Olympics and Tour De France. Oakley are wrapped in with technology, durability as well as fashion in mind. Peer through the collection of Oakley and see the vast array of performance treatments and types of lenses they have to offer.

Tiffany & Co L-logo2
Tiffany & Co-min

Tiffany & Co has been the leading American fine jeweler for nearly 175 years, producing astounding jewels and distinctive design for every meaningful occasion. It is widely known for its iconic blue packaging and luxurious designs that has classic, glamorous written all over it. The Tiffany & Co has an everlasting appeal, forged excellence and craftsmanship. Beautiful trimmings showcase elegance and sophistication designer glasses and add desirability to each Tiffany & Co frame.

Ronit Furst L-logo
Ronit Furst-min

Ronit Furst glasses are a vibrant blend of artistry and craftsmanship. Each handcrafted pair features bold colors and intricate hand-painted patterns, making them truly unique. Combining creative expression with comfort and durability, Ronit Furst glasses are perfect for those who appreciate distinctive, eye-catching eyewear.

Tom Ford L-logo
Tom Ford-min

Known for being an eyewear trendsetter, Tom Ford designs luxury frames that are charming and elegant. With a commitment to innovation, expect high-quality materials and honed craftsmanship. Styles exude glamour, drawing you in with a hint of the provocative. Alluring yet refined, each design is made to stand the test of time.

Eco L-logo

As part of our ‘planet pledge’, Eco Eyewear is partnered with the charity ‘One Tree Planted’ to help reforestation efforts in the fight against climate change.

Flexon L-logo

A SMART MAN WHO CAN FACE LIFE WITH CONFIDENCE. A confident man, the Flexon wearer knows whatever happens in life, no matter the situation his frame will always comfortably return to its original shape.

Stepper L-logo 2

Since our first frame was made in 1970, STEPPER has been a pioneer. Through innovation and technology, STEPPER has embraced new materials and processes to create exciting and durable eyewear that fits.

Zips L-logo

Setting the new quality standard in budget eyewear. Designed for the core customer who demands quality, style and value.

Silhouette L-logo3

Silhouette glasses and sunglasses are for prestige-oriented men and women who want to express their high lifestyle standards in their outlook as well. Silhouette's popular line of rimless eyeglasses are so lightweight and comfortable, it's almost like not wearing eyewear.

Hugo Boss L-logo
Hugo Boss-min

The brand named after its founder Hugo Boss, started out in a small workshop in Germany in 1923. Focusing mainly on clothing for over 70 years the brand looked at expanding their skills to footwear, accessories, fragrances and finally eyewear.

Modo L-logo

Since 1990, MODO Eyewear has focused on meticulous material selection, construction, and design to create eyewear that combines lightness with enduring quality. Delve into the rich history of MODO Eyewear’s innovative approach and discover our unwavering commitment to exceptional style and comfort.

Woow eyewearL-logo
Woow eyewear-min

WOOW Eyewear is a new brand from the creative minds at Face a Face, featuring acetate and metal frames that bring positive energy into your life. Designers Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent show off their playfulness with this new collection that is full of color and has a great sense of humor. The temple tips of each frame are accented with metal inserts boasting a motivational phrase intended to inspire. From "Rock Me!" to "Well Done!" written in a vintage-inspired typewriter font, the phrases are your secret, hidden behind your ears to give you good vibes throughout the day.

Joules -logo

Joules is inspired by colour, prints, the countryside and British eccentricity! Known for their quirky prints and the way that they have transformed wet weather with their beautiful printed wellies.