Hearing Care

We offer a complete range of private hearing care services at Louth Vision Centre, these include free hearing health checks, full comprehensive hearing assessments and ear wax removal appointments.

All appointments are conducted by our in-house audiologist Rajit Khaira BSc Hons. Raj is a university of Manchester graduate and is also HCPC and BSHAA registered, our existing patients may also be pleased to know that she is the wife of our Optometrist/Director, Ryan Khaira.

Free Hearing Health Check

Our free hearing health check is a quick, easy and comfortable way to find out whether your level of hearing is normal for your age. This appointment will generally only take around 15 minutes, and will allow for us to decide whether your hearing could be improved through the use of hearing aids and also to check on the general health of your ears using otoscopy. If a potential hearing loss is detected you will be offered a full hearing assessment.

Ear Wax Removal

You may have been referred to us by your GP for an ear wax removal appointment or the presence of wax may be detected in your hearing health check. Raj uses micro-suction for safe and effective ear wax removal, this tends to take between 15 and 30 minutes per ear. Wax removal is ideally followed by a hearing health check to ensure that your hearing is brought back to normal levels following the removal of the ear wax barrier. Ear wax removal is chargeable at £60 for one ear or £70 for both.

Full Hearing Assessment

A full hearing assessment is recommended if after your hearing health check it is determined that you have a hearing loss, or if you have a known hearing loss and would like to discuss your options.
This is an in-depth 90 minute appointment, during which Raj will discuss your lifestyle, any hearing difficulties or challenges that you would like to tackle and any more specific needs that you have from your hearing aids.
Following this your hearing will be assessed using an audiometer, allowing you to then trial some hearing aids, so that you can really experience the potential improvement that is available to you.

If you would like, Raj will then be happy to discuss the available hearing aid options, she has a hand-picked selection of industry leading hearing aids, to suit most budgets, which she has found to have fantastic results for many patients. Our full hearing assessment is priced at £90 and is deductible from the cost of any hearing aids purchased.

For further information please visit www.audiyohearing.com, Rajs dedicated website for further information.