Visual Field Assessments

The visual field assessment – otherwise known as a ‘fields’, ‘peripheral vision test’, or occasionally as ‘the dot test’ – is a supplementary test that your Optometrist may choose to carry out as part of your examination.

Visual fields assessment evaluates the pathway of vision from your eye to your brain, helping to identify and assess for a range of ocular and neurological conditions.

Combined with other findings it can also help with the provisional diagnosis of eye related conditions such as glaucoma and optic neuropathy. It can also be key in detection of more general conditions such as stroke or neurological issues.

At Louth Vision Centre we can provide visual fields assessments for a number of reasons:

  1. Repeat DVLA examinations
  2. Work – related screening
  3. GP requests
  4. Opthalmologist requests
  5. Family history of glaucoma